Victoria's Best Small Producer

Victoria's Best Small Producer


We're thrilled to share the incredible news that our winery has been awarded the Trophy for 'Best Small Producer' at the 2023 Victorian Wine Show.

This trophy means so much to us and represents a culmination of ten plus years of pure heart and soul, long hours shared between our day jobs and our 'passion project' whilst raising a young family.  It's been bloody tough, but we wouldn't want to be doing things any differently.

Starting out in 2012 with absolutely nothing but our learned experiences working at other wineries and a passion for what we do, we used the money we'd put aside for our house deposit (and kept renting) and used it to purchase our first two tonne of pinot noir, one small tank and one barrel.  It could have been the most incredibly stupid thing we'd ever done - and many people told us it was, but seems it was meant to be. But not without a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears along the way.

Winning this trophy not only fills us with immense pride but also motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries and creating our own unique imprint in this wide world of wine. 

This accolade is shared with our entire family and close friends, who have helped watch our kids so we could work vintages and make those trade trips, spent weekends helping us hand label and repack export orders, or helping us man our stand at events or deliver those last minute orders to trade when we couldn't.  It's definitely taken a village.

So cheers to the past and the journey ahead!


(Myself and Louise, our newest team member and GM accepting the award at the Vic Wine Show 9/11/23)