Best of the Best - 2023 Winewise Championship

Best of the Best - 2023 Winewise Championship

Our 2020 Gladysdale Chardonnay has come home with a Medallian (equivilent to a trophy) for Best Wine in its Class.

For those not familiar with the Winewise Championships, it's an invite only wine competition and the wine must have first received a Gold medal at a qualifying State or National wine show - so the starting base for entry is GOLD medal winners.

You can imagine how tough the competition is at this event, so to even qualify and be selected for their Top 20 is a huge deal, but to then to win the Medallion – well, that most definitely makes this wine the Best of the Best.

Our 2020 Gladysdale Chardonnay continues to rake in the medals and accolades. With only 250 doz made, if you'd like to get in on the action and taste what all the fuss is about, you'd better get in quick! 

Cheers! A&R