Salute Oliva Extra Virgin Oil
Salute Oliva Extra Virgin Oil
Salute Oliva Extra Virgin Oil

Salute Oliva Extra Virgin Oil

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Saluté Oliva is a family owned and operated business. The Olive Grove of Saluté Oliva is located in the beautiful country side of Central Victoria nestled in between two lakes. The clean environment and fertile soil has allowed us to grow olive trees using organic certified principles, the way nature intended. We are proud of this decision and know you will appreciate it too.

The entire process from growing and tending to the trees, the irrigation management, harvesting, and pressing the oil or pickling the olives is done by our family.

The EVOO produced by Saluté Oliva is cold pressed and qualifies to the stringent criteria of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. The oil is pressed on the farm using the latest technology centrifugal decanter. The olives are harvested at the exact right time and are processed without delay for the best possible quality.

The EVOO is a single variety olive oil made of the Italian variety Frantoio. Frantoio oil is highly valued for its intense fruity aromas.

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