WBM Cover Star

WBM Cover Star

What a great start to 2015!

We’re thrilled and very grateful to have been given this amazing opportunity to tell our story in this months WBM (Wine Business Monthly magazine).

We’re heading into our fourth vintage since taking the massive plunge and going out on our own in 2012. Three years isn’t a long time to be in this business, but so much has happened in that small amount of time and we’re thrilled to be able to share our story so far.

Download article here.

Big thanks to WBM for letting us post it on our site, and to Anthony Madigan for such a well written article – he got all the details spot on… how we met at a dodgy nightclub, how Adrian and I give each other dirty looks all night if we disagree on business decisions and how we balance our full time jobs, our business and our family life.

A big thanks also to James Broadway, the very talented photographer who took those great pics and Guy Mathews for letting us use his amazing warehouse space for the shots! It was such a fun day, thanks guys!!