GOLD at Global Chardonnay Masters 2016
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GOLD at Global Chardonnay Masters 2016

GOLD at Global Chardonnay Masters 2016

2015-wl-chard-black-medWe have some exciting news to share… our 2015 Willowlake Vineyard Chardonnay has been awarded a Gold medal at this years Global Chardonnay Masters, run by Drink Business magazine in the UK.  It was the only Yarra Valley Chardonnay to receive a Gold in the £20-30 price category.

With 200 entries from over 15 countries, the Global Chardonnay Masters focuses exclusively on Chardonnay, judging wines by style and price. This means Chardonnay is judged as a grape variety, allowing any body from any country to be judged purely on the quality of wine rather than origin, making the Masters quite a unique competition. The judging panel is made up from a group of Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers.

With Chardonnay being one of the most widely planted varieties in the world, it showcases regional differences and can also be a blank canvas for winemakers to create their own individual style. According to the judges, the Global tasting turned out to be “one of the most enjoyable, illuminating and successful of the Masters series so far and the once muchmaligned variety has made a magnificent comeback.”

Results were published in the November 2016 edition of Drinks Business, and a copy of the article is available here.

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